Tuesday, August 26, 2014

U7 Fall Soccer Team Assignments

<UPDATED 9/6 with late adds and final adjustments>


Seattle SoundersGreenDavid WalshChris Santillo
DC UnitedBlackHugo BonillaJoshua Smith
Montreal ImpactBlueJennifer ManningStephen Roberts
Chicago FireRedJason HamelinKenny AntonucciThano Markos
NE RevolutionNavyJim DeanMichael Zimmerman
Houston DynamoOrangeJose ZayasRichie Lamonica
Portland TimbersForestAnthony Gioia ChiarenzaElizabeth Borden
Columbus CrewGoldenRick BerlinerOmar Alani
Colorado Rapids         Purple          Javier BauerDoug Danoff
TorontoGreyKristl McNultyJennifer Vargas


Zeylik KabaSeattle Sounders FC
Elliot WebsterSeattle Sounders FC
Ryan WalshSeattle Sounders FC
Bridget WalshSeattle Sounders FC
Oren SantilloSeattle Sounders FC
Iylazia TaylorSeattle Sounders FC
Avery CallahanSeattle Sounders FC
Andres DiazSeattle Sounders FC
Brian Bianchi, Jr.Seattle Sounders FC
Damien PerkinsSeattle Sounders FC
Alexa BonillaD.C. United
Brianna CarrasquilloD.C. United
Adam ChengD.C. United
James GageD.C. United
Mary GageD.C. United
Scott GageD.C. United
Michael BrandanoD.C. United
Thomas (T.J.) Lynch Jr.D.C. United
Atticus SmithD.C. United
David RuaneD.C. United
Patrick ManningMontreal Impact
Charles ManningMontreal Impact
Joaquim NunesMontreal Impact
David DelacruzMontreal Impact
Anderson CostaMontreal Impact
Noah ElbadaouiMontreal Impact
Jennifer OHaraMontreal Impact
Christopher RobertsMontreal Impact
Layla BenhamouMontreal Impact
Aldair BernadinMontreal Impact
Keira TwomeyChicago Fire
Edward HamelinChicago Fire
Giovanni TrincheseChicago Fire
Antonio TrincheseChicago Fire
Mark- Simon KafeeroChicago Fire
Dimitri MirandaChicago Fire
Christian AntonucciChicago Fire
Lucia AntonucciChicago Fire
Mariano SpadaforaChicago Fire
Ryan TuxburyChicago Fire
Yassir HalaissiNew England Revolution
Tuan BuiNew England Revolution
Saisrihasa TelajalaNew England Revolution
Saisrinitya TelajalaNew England Revolution
Giovanni SantoNew England Revolution
Samuel SilvermanNew England Revolution
Christian NorenaNew England Revolution
Andrew DeanNew England Revolution
Thomas RussoNew England Revolution
Nate ZimmermanNew England Revolution
Jacob MorrisonHouston Dynamo
Griffin LeonHouston Dynamo
Jacoby SimonelliHouston Dynamo
Jacob LeeHouston Dynamo
Alejandro ZayasHouston Dynamo
Lincoln BoswellHouston Dynamo
Kail BoswellHouston Dynamo
Dagny BoswellHouston Dynamo
Olivia LaidlawHouston Dynamo
Collin SullivanHouston Dynamo
Jay RajPortland Timbers
Anthony ChiarenzaPortland Timbers
Keegan LittlePortland Timbers
Kyleigh BordenPortland Timbers
Jeremiah Manso-OrtizPortland Timbers
Sinead SamuelPortland Timbers
Joel PerezPortland Timbers
Siddharth RevankarPortland Timbers
Marcus MojicaPortland Timbers
David ShiPortland Timbers
Amelia BerlinerColumbus Crew
Charlotte BerlinerColumbus Crew
Nicholas BartaliniColumbus Crew
Samuel ToledoColumbus Crew
Cooper FioreColumbus Crew
Colin OkothColumbus Crew
Ryan RomanColumbus Crew
Kaitlyn KnoxColumbus Crew
Urja SharmaColumbus Crew
Aarush KarmacharyaColumbus Crew
Jordan BauerColorado Rapids
Ahmed MoukaraColorado Rapids
Thomas CroninColorado Rapids
Audriana RickettsColorado Rapids
Achilles Brandao-RodriguezColorado Rapids
Ethan DanoffColorado Rapids
Kai DanoffColorado Rapids
Savannah CampbellColorado Rapids
Kayla RiganoColorado Rapids
Mogos GhileColorado Rapids
Andrew GinivisianToronto FC
Joseph MolinarToronto FC
Eoin GodfreyToronto FC
Sofia VargasToronto FC
Caio Luiz PaivaToronto FC
Achilles CoutinhoToronto FC
Corynne McnultyToronto FC
Girmari FrancoisToronto FC
William BakerToronto FC
Simar RainaToronto FC

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Welcome to U7 Fall Soccer

<Updated 9/7 for colorado rapids color change>

Hello Parents,

Welcome to Fall Soccer for U7, for 5 and 6 year olds.  Registered players should have received an email with your child's team assignment.  Contact the league if you do not receive it.  There are several things you need to know before the first day.

The Blog

This Blog will be the primary source for information, schedules, directions etc. Please bookmark it.  Feel free to use it and let us know what we can do to improve any aspect of U7 Soccer.


Cancellations due to weather will be posted to the blog... please check it within an hour of the start time on game-day morning.  If you do not have access to the internet on Sunday mornings please let me know.

What You’ll Need

Parents will need to supply:
  1. If you already have the correct uniform, please use it.  If not, the league will supply a shirt, shorts and socks on the first day
  2. Sneakers or cleats.  We play on an artificial turf, so please be sure to have appropriate shoes.
  3. Shin pads
  4. A size 3 ball with the players name on it
  5. Long pants and long sleeved shirt worn under the team shirt if the weather requires it
  6. Water - for frequent breaks

The Schedule

The season begins on Sunday, September 7 and the last day is Sunday, November 9.  There is no soccer on October 12 for Columbus day.

All U7 soccer will be on Sunday mornings, with 2 sessions each morning.  The early session will start at 9:00 (6 teams, 3 games) and the second session will start at 10:30.  Each session will run for 85 minutes and will be split between drills/skills practice and scrimmage against another team.  We take frequent breaks so it’s not as intense as it sounds.

Our Philosophy

At the U7 level we continue focusing on basic skills, and begin incorporating more of the basic rules into the experience.  Goalies will also be used.  Our primary focus remains providing a fun and healthy environment for the kids to discover their emerging soccer skills.

We do not focus on winning.  We don't keep official score, celebrate wins, or mourn losses.  We try for every player to get equal playing time, and try to keep the number of players on the field.  We encourage skillful play, good attitudes and teamsmanship.

We will begin to introduce new rules in addition to what we did with U6:

  1. We will play 6 v 6 with a goalie
  2. Portable stand-alone nets will provide goals
  3. Substitutions should be made when play stops and should occur approximately every 5 - 10 minutes
  4. If the ball goes out of the side bounds it should be "thrown-in" as quickly as possible by the team that did not kick it out
  5. The game will start with a kick-off at the center, as will the second half of the game
  6. After each goal, the team scored upon will start again by kicking-off at center.  A successful kick-off means that the ball needs to roll 1 revolution forward and be touched by another player
  7. Hand balls result in an INDIRECT kick to the opposing side
  8. No slide-tackling allowed, results in an INDIRECT kick to the opposing side
  9. No pushing with the arms or hands allowed, results in an INDIRECT kick to the opposing side
  10. No tripping from behind allowed, results in an INDIRECT kick to the opposing side
  11. No checking with hips allowed, results in an INDIRECT kick to opposing side
  12. No off-sides called
  13. We also will be changing halfs of the field at half-time

Basic Rules for Parents

  1. At least one adult supervisor must stay during the entire session and is responsible for watching kids if they wander away from play
  2. Parent involvement is appreciated and encouraged when appropriate but please try not to interfere with the session
  3. Due to insurance rules players who are not registered with the league cannot play
  4. Players must not wear jewelry such as earrings, watches, necklaces, etc.  

The Season Schedule

DateTimeHome TeamAway TeamField
Week 19:00 AMToronto (grey)Portland Timbers (forest)Field 1&2
Sun 9/7/2014DC United (black)Colorado Rapids (purple)Field 3&4
Chicago Fire (red)Montreal Impact (blue)Field 5&6
10:30 AMNE Revolution (navy)Seattle Sounders (green)Field 1&2
Columbus Crew (gold)Houston Dynamo (orange)Field 5&6
Week 29:00 AMPortland Timbers (forest)Chicago Fire (red)Field 1&2
Sun 9/14/2014DC United (black)Columbus Crew (gold)Field 3&4
Montreal Impact (blue)Houston Dynamo (orange)Field 5&6
10:30 AMSeattle Sounders (green)Colorado Rapids (purple)Field 1&2
NE Revolution (navy)Toronto (grey)Field 5&6
Week 39:00 AMColorado Rapids (purple)Houston Dynamo (orange)Field 1&2
Sun 9/21/2014Portland Timbers (forest)NE Revolution (navy)Field 3&4
Montreal Impact (blue)Seattle Sounders (green)Field 5&6
10:30 AMToronto (grey)DC United (black)Field 1&2
Chicago Fire (red)Columbus Crew (gold)Field 5&6
Week 49:00 AMColorado Rapids (purple)Chicago Fire (red)Field 1&2
Sun 9/28/2014Columbus Crew (gold)Toronto (grey)Field 3&4
Seattle Sounders (green)DC United (black)Field 5&6
10:30 AMHouston Dynamo (orange)Portland Timbers (forest)Field 1&2
NE Revolution (navy)Montreal Impact (blue)Field 5&6
Week 59:00 AMDC United (black)NE Revolution (navy)Field 1&2
Sun 10/5/2014Colorado Rapids (purple)Columbus Crew (gold)Field 3&4
Houston Dynamo (orange)Toronto (grey)Field 5&6
10:30 AMMontreal Impact (blue)Portland Timbers (forest)Field 1&2
Chicago Fire (red)Seattle Sounders (green)Field 5&6
NO SOCCER OCTOBER 12 in honor of Columbus Day Weekend
Week 69:00 AMToronto (grey)Chicago Fire (red)Field 1&2
Sun 10/19/2014Portland Timbers (forest)DC United (black)Field 3&4
Seattle Sounders (green)Houston Dynamo (orange)Field 5&6
10:30 AMNE Revolution (navy)Colorado Rapids (purple)Field 1&2
Columbus Crew (gold)Montreal Impact (blue)Field 5&6
Week 79:00 AMHouston Dynamo (orange)NE Revolution (navy)Field 1&2
Sun 10/26/2014Montreal Impact (blue)Toronto (grey)Field 3&4
Colorado Rapids (purple)Portland Timbers (forest)Field 5&6
10:30 AMChicago Fire (red)DC United (black)Field 1&2
Seattle Sounders (green)Columbus Crew (gold)Field 5&6
Week 89:00 AMToronto (grey)Seattle Sounders (green)Field 1&2
Sun 11/2/2014NE Revolution (navy)Chicago Fire (red)Field 3&4
Montreal Impact (blue)Colorado Rapids (purple)Field 5&6
10:30 AMColumbus Crew (gold)Portland Timbers (forest)Field 1&2
DC United (black)Houston Dynamo (orange)Field 5&6
Week 99:00 AMPortland Timbers (forest)Seattle Sounders (green)Field 1&2
Sun 11/9/2014Columbus Crew (gold)NE Revolution (navy)Field 3&4
DC United (black)Montreal Impact (blue)Field 5&6
10:30 AMToronto (grey)Colorado Rapids (purple)Field 1&2
Houston Dynamo (orange)Chicago Fire (red)Field 5&6

Pine Banks Field

All games will be held at Pine Banks Field on Main St. between Melrose and Malden.

We will use this configuration for game day:

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Welcome to the NEW Malden U7 Soccer League

Due to our City's exciting expansion in the love of soccer, Malden Youth Soccer has decided to add an additional in-town league, starting in the Fall of 2014.

We are switching from a U6/U9 format to a U5/U7/U9 format.

The registration page explains everything you need to know.  If you have not registered yet, NOW IS THE TIME!

All games are at Pine Banks Park on the Melrose/Malden line:

U5 (Under 5)
  • Plays Saturday mornings at 8:30 till 9:45
  • Birthdates between 8/1/2009 - 9/6/2010
  • The 2014 Fall season starts Saturday, September 6 and runs for 10 weeks
U7 (Under 7)
  • Plays Sunday mornings at 9:00 and 10:30 for 85 minutes (time varies each week)
  • Birthdates between 8/1/2007 - 7/31/2009
  • The 2014 Fall season starts Saturday, September 7 and runs for 10 weeks
U9 (Under 9)
  • Plays Sundays at Noon till 1:45
  • Birthdates between 8/1/2005 - 7/31/2007
  • The 2014 Fall season starts Saturday, September 7 and runs for 10 weeks

This blog will contain information about the U7 Soccer League.  I will keep it updated with all the latest important information, announcements, schedules, etc. for the league.  If you are a parent, please be sure to remember this blog address.

Doug Danoff
MYS U7 Coordinator