Friday, January 11, 2019

Hello Parents/Guardians/Coaches,

Location and Time:

Winter session is upon us. Our first week starts this Sunday the 20th. We will play at the Salemwood School Gym which is located behind the school, 529 Salem St. Malden, MA. Teams will be emailed to you on Thursday before start date. Please note we have less children during winter soccer and less coaches to help out. Please consider volunteering, we need your help. Please note if you requested a certain team or coach and did not get it, it is because that coach or team is not available this session. Please make the request again for Spring.

What players should wear:

-Players should wear comfortable clothes, we will use pinnies for Winter program. They will not have uniforms.
-Players must have shin pads. They will not be allowed to play without them.
-Players can wear sneakers or turf shoes. No cleats for winter soccer.
-Please do not wear watches, jewelry, or baseball hats
-Please bring a size 3 soccer ball for practice
-Players should bring a water bottle each week

You can always come back to the blogger for updates on cancellations due to weather. Field schedules will also be posted here as well as being emailed to you.

Have a great session. Feel free to email me anytime you have questions or concerns. My email is and my phone number is 781-389-2168.