Sunday, May 31, 2015

We're on

I've been monitoring the weather predictions for today's soccer.  We might be a little damp, but it looks like both U7 sessions will not get thunder storms.

WE WILL PLAY!  See you there.

Bring an umbrella.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Week 7 - May 31

Welcome to week 7.  After this Sunday's game, there will be 2 weeks left.

Importantly...  It is time to register for the fall.  There is a discount for registrations completed by the end of May 31...  which is the same day as week 7 soccer.

Here are the field assignments for this week...

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Week 6 - Memorial Day Weekend

Happy Memorial Day Weekend.  Humble gratitude to all who have served and sacrificed.

We will play this weekend.  We normally plan to skip soccer on memorial day weekend, but this year is special due to loosing our early weeks to the epic snowfall this winter.

I hope everyone will spend Sunday morning playing soccer and we will have all of our scheduled games...   BUT...  We will also be prepared for a light turnout this week incase many too families are traveling.  If we do not have enough players for all of our complete games, we will combine teams and play a pickup games.  Coaches will make decisions about how to manage the teams at the field.

Here are the field assignments for this week.  Please come at your team's normally scheduled time.

We will not have a prepared practice card this week.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Things to work on this week

Some great things to focus on with your athlete this week...

Throw ins:


The burpee ;)

For coaches following the planned practice program, here's what I have in mind for this week.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Week 5 is Picture Day! [PICTURE DAY IS BACK ON]

Welcome to Week 5.  We are midway through the spring season.

EDITED 5/16/2015 7:40 PM - 
PICTURE DAY IS BACK ON.  Due to good weather anticipated tomorrow, we will have picture day as originally scheduled.  Please arrive at the field your team's scheduled picture time. 

Picture Day

This Sunday, May 17 is picture day.  A camera crew from New England Sports Photo will be at the field to take team photos and player portraits.

Some important points:
  1. Pictures will run on a strict schedule!  Each team has an assigned time.   SOME TEAMS MUST ARRIVE EARLY!!!! There will not be an opportunity to get a picture if you miss your team's timeslot.  See the schedule below.
  2. Come with your order form filled out. We will have some extra forms at the field.  Arrive 10 minutes early if you have not yet filled out your order form. 
  3. Photos must be paid for at the time of the order.  Check, cash, money order and credit cards are accepted.  BE SURE TO BRING YOUR PAYMENT METHOD.
  4. Every order made will come with a complimentary Photomate which is a picture of your player along with a picture of the whole team.  Shipping has been reduced to $1.00 for this event.

Picture Schedule

This schedule makes it so no team's game time is impacted by the photos and tries to minimize the amount of extra time teams need to be at the field...  It does require some teams to get to the field a little early though.  Please don't be late!

TeamGame TimePhoto TimeTiming Note
Montreal ImpactSession 18:3030 minutes before session 1 skills time
NY CitySession 18:4515 minutes before session 1 skills time
Toronto FCSession 19:00miss 15 minutes of skills time
DC UnitedSession 19:15miss 15 minutes of skills time
Colorado RapidsSession 29:301 hour before session 2 skills time
Chicago FireSession 29:4545 minutes before session 2 skills time
Columbus CrewSession 210:0030 minutes before session 2 skills time
Houston DynamoSession 210:1515 minutes before session 2 skills time
NE RevolutionSession 110:30Right after the session 1 ends
Philadelphia UnionSession 110:4515 minutes after the session 1 ends
LA GalaxySession 211:00miss 15 minutes of skills time
Portland TimbersSession 211:15miss 15 minutes of skills time

Field Assignments

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Soccer Mothers Day!

Here's tomorrow's setup.  

Don't forget about the field change tomorrow!  We will be playing on the rugby field in the far back of Pine Banks Park.  There will be a mother's day 5K race using our normal field.  Be prepared for traffic changes and parking competition. 

For any coaches that might be using the prepared practice card...  I'm running behind on chores today, I'll get it out tonight at some point.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Spring Week 3 - May 3

Welcome to week 3!  Tomorrow will be a great day for spring soccer.  Let me know how things are going for your young athlete in the comments below.


Cash Calendars

My most important announcement this week is the extension of the collection for cash calendars.  Tomorrow will be your last chance to support your league and WIN BIG.  Please stop by our collection both at the field tomorrow to drop off your calendar tickets and your money.  We will have extra tickets there if you want to win even bigger.

Revs Discount Tickets

Don't forget to put in your order for MYS Revs night happening this month.  You get a great deal on tickets and support a Malden Youth Soccer tradition!

Mother's Day Weekend Soccer

We will play next weekend on Mother's day, but we have been moved to the rugby field in the back of the park due to the Melrose 5K race happening at the same time.
BE SURE TO GET THERE EARLY as parking and traffic might be unusual.


Things to do during the week

Here are some more ideas you can use for this week's activities if you have time at home...

Here are some basics of strong kicking that might be useful next week (sorry for the embedded adds!):

Prepared Practice

Coaches participating in the prepared practice program can download this week's card here...