Wednesday, April 29, 2015

One more chance for Cash Calendars

I have gotten several inquiries about cash calendars...  here are some answers for everyone to share.

Q: What is it?
A: Cash Calendars is our annual league-wide fund raiser.  Every player is asked to be responsible for either buying or selling 3 of them at $10.  A good fundraiser helps us keep the costs low and still pay for all of the things we love (fields, nets, uniforms, refs, banquet, trophies, balls, etc, etc.)  Most of you should have gotten something that looks like this from your coaches...

Q: What are the important dates?
A: Every day in the month of May one ticket will be drawn at random, and that winner will receive some amount of cash for that day.  Drawings start May 1 (This Friday) and end May 31.

Q: Is it too late to purchase tickets?
A: It is not too late to purchase tickets.  You will have another opportunity to submit tickets for the Mother's Day drawing (whopping $150 prize) on Sunday.  If you purchase tickets that day at the field, those tickets will be submitted for the Sunday drawing.  We will have a stand setup at pine banks to collect the tickets.

Q: What do I do with my unsold stubs?
If you have stubs that you will not be able to sell, please bring them to the stand at pine banks on Sunday.

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