Saturday, April 25, 2015

Spring Week 2 - April 26

I hope everybody had a great first week last Sunday.  I would love to hear about how it went for your young athlete in the comments below.

Some important announcements:

  1. Join us for Malden Youth Soccer's NE Revolution night on May 31.
  2. Be sure purchase your cash calendars from your coach this weekend.  Each player is asked to buy and or sell 3 calendars for $10/each.  See your coach if you have not received your pack.
  3. We WILL have soccer on Mother's day!  But, due to a Melrose Road Race that day, we will use the back field at Pine Banks.

This week's schedule

Practice Recommendations:

If you have some extra time to play around with your young athlete this week, here are some activities that would align with the skills we're developing this week:

More tips for basic passing technique:

If you have 3 people to play with, this is a great drill to play with...

As always, progressing with ball handling skills is a great thing to work on:

Prepared Practice:

Participating coaches can download this week's prepared practice card.

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